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A police investigation is certainly warrented to kind of fill in some gaps that appear to be in this case

Dr. Mike Dobersen (Former Arapahoe County Coroner)

The more we investigate, the more indications we get that this is indeed a homicide and not a suicide


A very puzzling case

Crime Watch Daily

I cannot imagine that somebody could do that with a broken collarbone. It’s extremely painful

Eikelenboom told Denver7 News

I'm going to let this go a little ways and than I'm going to have to put a stop to this

Jill Romann (Douglas County Coroner)

If you have the strangulation cord wrapped around her neck in a horizontal way and it was pulled really tight -- I mean with one hand under the strangulation cord, you can’t do that yourself, So that means that somebody else applied the force


You should make certain what happened by doing the DNA investigation. So we go by the facts in the beginning. We see that the strangulation mark doesn’t fit. We see that the hand is there. We see that she has a broken collar bone, That’s enough reason to say, ‘OK, let’s proceed with the investigation and do a DNA examination to find out what happened there,’ and those are facts that nobody can alter


The death of Holly was most likely a homicide and NOT a suicide. From the brief interviews I saw and read it does not seen that this case was thoroughly or properly investigated . The Coroner from Douglas County, who is not a forensic pathologist does not logically explain her findings of suicide

Cmdr. (Ret.) Vernon J. Geberth

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